Cannabis law is rapidly changing throughout California. The Law Office of Samuel D. Berns is uniquely qualified to guide you through the new regulations. Sam has represented hundreds of cultivators and entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry.

Our law office can assist you with state and local regulatory compliance. This includes tasks such as the drafting of documents, provision of informational materials, and documents required to establish your enterprise legally from the ground up.

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Stay Ahead of the Curve

With the recent passage of the Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act and the passage of the Adult Use of Marijuana Act, it is important for entrepreneurs to have an attorney who is up-to-date on the rules and regulations. This is vital to keeping abreast of laws and statutes that can change by the day.

Sam Berns can help you stay ahead of the curve so that you can take advantage of new opportunities as they come. He has worked with industry groups and individual entrepreneurs to develop themselves as faces of an emerging industry. Local governments have given serious consideration to his regulatory proposals and guidelines.

A True Advocate

Despite the great advances we see in the acceptance of cannabis, it is still frequently regarded by many uninformed individuals as contraband. Sam Berns has represented dozens of individuals charged with cannabis-related crimes. He has a record of success in trying cases as well as obtaining dismissals and favorable settlements from the courts.

Apart from serving on the legal committee of the CA chapter of NORML, he is also a proud member of the Board of Directors of the Placer County Growers’ Association. In addition, he has taught classes and delivered several speeches on marijuana law.

Today, he continually crusades his advocacy by working with numerous other cannabis law reform-oriented organizations such as the following:

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