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The Law Office of Samuel D. Berns is well-equipped to handle a variety of practice areas.

Criminal Defense

Sam Berns has extensive experience defending a wide range of criminal cases and understands that criminal defendants are normally good people who find themselves in bad situations.


Cannabis law is rapidly changing in California. Sam Berns is uniquely qualified to navigate you through the new regulations.


Anyone can have a few too many drinks and get behind the wheel, but if you don’t act quickly it can have dire consequences on your life. Let Sam Berns work to blunt those consequences and help get you through the process.


A criminal record can follow you around your entire life. Mistakes from years ago can make it hard for you to find a job or apartment, prevent you from getting professional licenses, and affect your fundamental rights, including the right to vote and the right to bear arms.

Thankfully, California law offers several ways for you to clean up your record so that you can build a better future. Sam Berns has successfully had his clients’ felonies reduced to misdemeanors and their crimes expunged. He can also help you get certificates of rehabilitation as well as clemency and pardon from the Office of the State Governor.

If you have a history involving legal issues that you would like to clean up, consult with Sam Berns to discuss how he can assist you. You may reach us at 530-212-0468, or 916-226-1477.

Land Use and Zoning

If you are a landowner, you would want to maximize your property, putting it to the best possible use. If you own a business, you would want to find the most profitable and convenient location for your operations.

Sam Berns is highly knowledgeable in a broad range of land use issues, including zoning policies, mining rights, right to farm ordinances, and the Williamson Act. Below are the areas where his representation truly makes a difference:

Contact Sam Berns today if you need help making your land work for your utmost benefit.



Over the years, Sam Berns has steadfastly achieved positive results for his clients. Here’s what a few of them have to say about his core legal work.

"Sam treated me like I was his only client. In a world where everything has a price, the amount that I paid was worth every penny and he is honest and looking out for your best interest. I would recommend Sam to anyone who needs a lawyer. I now have a great job that I was only able to get because my record is clean and my life is back on track thanks to the work that this man did. All the other lawyers I talked to treated me like a customer when my life was hanging in the balance. Sam is different. Thanks for all you have done for me, Sam."

"Throughout the years Sam has been my legal counsel on many personal and professional matters. I value Sam's advice. He has helped me grow my business farther then I could have imagined possible. I am grateful and lucky to have him on my team."

"Very competent...prepared, very thorough...always returned phone calls and responded to emails promptly. I would highly recommend Sam for any criminal defense matters. Thanks again for all the time you spend trying to help our son!"

"The Law Office of Sam Berns has helped our new and expanding business navigate extremely difficult legal waters with confidence and certainty. Sam's accessibility, attention to detail, and candid approach make working with him very productive and enjoyable. He is our business' go-to source for legal representation."

"Sam was fantastic! He was able to get my felony charge reduced and also expunged. I would definitely recommend Sam to anyone looking for a top-notch attorney who cares about you and not a fee. Sam, thank you!!!"

"Sam Berns is not only passionate about practicing law, he is the most up to date and accountable human resource I have when there are pertinent questions to be counseled on."

"I had a sticky situation with El Dorado County Sheriffs. Sam helped lead me in the right direction. He was very knowledgeable on the situation and also very honest. I had different options. Sam told me the good and bad. Ultimately, it was my decision, but without Sam, I would probably have made the wrong one. He looked at the outcome through my eyes instead of greedy eyes (like most lawyers). Thank goodness. He helped save my family from having to relocate and helped save my business as well. I can't thank you enough, Sam."

"Sam took my case without hesitation. He's definitely on top of his game. He always kept me informed on how things were progressing. He always returned my calls. He treated me with respect all throughout and handled my case with his immediate attention. He handled my case properly and the resolution was what I expected. I give Sam a standing ovation for his professionalism, knowledge, skills, and fighting for my rights........for this, I thank you for all of your help. Call Sam Berns, you won't be disappointed."

"You are the man as always, Sam. Thanks again for all of your updates and for keeping me in the loop with things. It's nice when I can focus on what needs to be focused on and let you deal with these details."

"Thank you so much for being so on it and so professional. I'm so glad I chose you to represent me."

*These testimonials do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.

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Contact Sam Berns to discuss how he can assist you in your legal matters. You may reach us at 530-212-0468, or 916-226-1477.