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Kenny was facing up to three years in jail for a felony DUI. That's time away from his family, and just as important, time during which he would not be able to get the help he needed to put his destructive pattern of drinking behind him once and for all. Sam was able to negotiate a deal where he served house arrest, and take part in an alcohol abuse program. Not only did Kenny remain out of jail with his family, but he was able to use this experience as a catalyst to get the help he needs to be able to be the father and husband he knows he should be. If you're facing harsh penalties for DUI, Cannabis, or other criminal matters, call Sam!"


Sam's client was facing multiple criminal charges and asset forfeiture of over $12,000 to the government. Sam was able to get the court to rule that the evidence was taken during an illegal search, and the case was dismissed! The DA then tried to reinstate the criminal charges using an illegal procedure, and the judge admonished her in open court. As one of the best criminal defense attorneys practicing law in Northern California, Sam will go to work for you to get the best possible results in your case.


Sam's client, a refugee from Iraq, was charged with two felonies in Sacramento County, including a felony strike. Even though he maintained his innocence, he was facing the prospect of four years in prison, the loss of his driving privilege for the rest of his life, and deportation, all because of the criminal charges against him. Sam took his case to trial in front of a jury, and he was found not guilty. Now he gets to live his life and stay in the US as a free man.


Sam's client was facing administrative fines of well over $1 million after renters used her house to grow marijuana illegally in Northern California, without her even knowing. After long litigation and negotiations, her fines were reduced by more than 98 percent, thanks to Sam's legal expertise. Law Office of Samuel D. Berns, Inc. will put their experience to work for you if you're facing asset forfeiture related to cannabis cultivation. Call Sam today!