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Cannabis law in California is rapidly changing, and the "legalization" of adult use under Proposition 64 has actually created more opportunities for the state to go after cannabis growers and others. Cultivation, possession for sale, and transportation are still crimes, and prosecutors in more and more counties are charging them as felonies. Cultivators are facing administrative fines in the hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars, imposed by several different state agencies as well by individual counties and cities. Small backyard grows that used to be considered collectives are often prohibited under state or local law. Even a misdemeanor cannabis conviction for non-citizens can carry serious immigration consequences including deportation.

Sam is the premier cannabis law attorney in Placer County and in the entire Sacramento and foothills area.

Sam learned about cannabis as a youngster, and the cannabis law seed was planted for him when he first moved to California in 2006; his first job in the field was working for the legendary cannabis lawyer Bill Panzer, whom he first met when they both played guitar a Grateful Dead jam session within months after Sam arrived. While in law school, Sam’s work on cannabis law issues kept growing; his efforts bloomed when he organized a debate between legalization proponents and the prohibitionist US Attorney, which attracted an overflow crowd. He has worked with groups such as NORML, Americans for Safe Access, the California Cannabis Industry Association, the Nevada County Cannabis Alliance, and multiple Placer County cannabis legalization advocacy groups. Since the heady early days of legalization, he has been speaking on behalf of cannabis law reform efforts, at meetings of the Board of Supervisors of both Placer and Nevada Counties, as well as the Placer County Agricultural Commission and the Lincoln City Council.

Sam is not only a cannabis law advocate – he is also a recognized authority on the subject. He has taught continuing legal education classes on several topics in cannabis law – including criminal enforcement, administrative enforcement, local enforcement in Placer County (co-presenting with the Placer County Agriculture Commissioner), and licensing. He has spoken at cannabis law seminars and panels put on by several industry groups, as well as at Sacramento State University. He has been featured in media outlets for his cannabis law expertise and exploits, including the Auburn Journal, the Roseville Press Tribune, the Placer Herald, KVMR Radio, Capitol Public Radio, and Fox 40 Sacramento.  Sam also keeps his own knowledge fresh by working with some of the premier cannabis experts and advocates in California on a regular basis.

It should be no surprise, then, that Sam has consistently helped his clients achieve excellent results in cases all throughout Northern California.* In criminal cases, he has helped clients obtain dismissals, not guilty verdicts, and favorable settlements, including misdemeanor resolutions in felony cases and reduced charges for cannabis DUIs. In administrative fine cases he has helped clients win outright dismissals, as well as settlements for pennies on the dollar – including  98% reduction of a fine in the millions, a reduction from over $70,000 to $3,000, and, in one case, a zero-dollar settlement on a $300,000 fine. In civil forfeiture cases, he has won dismissals and negotiated settlements that have included the government giving back money they took in the six figures.