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Cannabis law in California is rapidly changing, and the "legalization" of adult use under Proposition 64 has actually created more opportunities for the state to go after cannabis growers and others. Cultivation, possession for sale, and transportation are still crimes, and prosecutors in more and more counties are charging them as felonies. Cultivators are facing administrative fines in the hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars, imposed by several different state agencies as well by individual counties and cities. Small backyard grows that used to be considered collectives are no longer allowed under state law. Even a misdemeanor cannabis conviction for non-citizens can carry serious immigration consequences including deportation.

With all these changes, and with new opportunities and obstacles coming up for commercial cannabis activity, it's more important than ever to have a good lawyer on your side. Sam has represented many charged with cannabis offenses or facing cannabis fines. In criminal cases, he has helped clients obtain dismissals, orders for the return of seized money, not guilty verdicts at trial, and favorable settlements including many misdemeanor resolutions on cases charged as felonies. In administrative cases, results include outright dismissals of fines, as well as favorable settlements, in some cases even helping clients to reduce fines by over 98%.* Sam also offers paid detailed consultations and general retainers to people in the cannabis space, in order to help them stay in compliance and understand the risks in this evolving area of law.

If your rights have been infringed and you need protection, contact me today.

Sam has taught Continuing Legal Education Classes on cannabis law, and also regularly gives seminars on cannabis law for groups such as the 420 College, Clear Horizons, and the Cannabis Career Institute. In addition, media outlets including the Auburn Journal, the Roseville Press Tribune, the Placer Herald, and KVMR Radio have quoted Sam as a source for his expertise on California cannabis law.

Today, he continually crusades his advocacy by working with numerous other cannabis law reform-oriented organizations, including:

  • Americans for Safe Access

  • California Cannabis Industry Association (CCIA)


  • The Placer County Growers’ Association

  • Nevada County Cannabis Alliance